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Are You Looking for a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) in State of Connecticut?

Personal Care Assistant Program in Connecticut

Home health/personal care service is a program implemented to encourage the individual to live at better standards. Encouraging the client and keeping them as active as possible, making their life better is one of their goals. Assistant (PCA's) services have a more fun, friendly, and safe structure, unlike a uniform care service.

What is a Personal Care Assistant?

The personal care assistant service, one of the home care solutions, is the occasional or permanent reception of adults who need health, socialization, or emotional help in their own home. Its goal is for the individual to access many supportive and rehabilitative services. In this way, it supports older adults to cope with the challenges of aging and to live independently for longer.

Personal Care Assistant services are grouped as medical health and ancillary services. It can be 24 hours or less, by staying  home or under family supervision. It varies according to the patient who needs home care and his condition. For example, use of technology (expertise), special care and procedures (patients), drug administration, meal preparation and nutrition.


  • Light Housekeeping (bathroom, bedroom, contact surfaces)
  • Personal hygiene (oral care, skin care, personal care)
  • Personal assistance and support (toilet, bathing needs, getting out of bed, dressing, using special devices)
  • Drug use information and surveillance
  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • Light cleaning
  • Physical exercises given by the healthcare professional
  • Supervision, recording and tracking of physical condition and behavior

Abuelos Care Inc. Difference

In Connecticut, our Personal Care Assistants are the eyes and ears of the customer and play an especially important role in helping the customer stay at home. Our PCA’s have complete personal care training and qualification requirements. Below you can find more detailed information about our 24-hour inpatient personal care services.

PCA / Live in (Personal Care Assistant 24 Hours)

Our 24-hour live-in staff is highly skilled and adaptable to different home environments. 24-hour or residential home care is not only the most independent option for seniors, but also the most cost-effective and comprehensive alternative to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

We carefully review it for compatibility. Boarders are caregivers who assist with household chores and activities of daily living. You will appreciate the level of safety and comfort we achieve for our clients and avoid the emotional strain associated with being away from their familiar home that often leads to physical decline and loss of independence.

The Benefits of 24 Hours Live-in Care at Home

Residential home care assistance is essential for any bedridden person who needs full assistance, especially helpful for safety and comfort for anyone with physical, emotional and/or memory mental disabilities problems. It is also beneficial for people who feel lonely or need personal care due to many factors and cannot do it on their own.

We are with you in Connecticut, USA with Abuelos Care Inc, Home Care Agency Personal Care Assistants.

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