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Careers in the Abuelos Home Care Services, Connecticut USA

If you want to make a career in Abuelos Care Inc. We are in Manchester, Connecticut

Career at Abuelos Care Inc.

  • Become a PCA & PCA LIVE-IN                        
  • Become a HOME MAKER & COMPANION       
  • Become a RESPITE CARE                                  
  • Become a HOME HEALTH AIDE     

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In, order to become a Direct Caregiver for Adult Family Living Program (AFL)

You must be:

●    Connecticut, USA Resident
●    Maintain Confidentiality
●    Over 18 years old
●    Physically able to perform the services required
●    Able to follow written, verbal, or non-verbal instructions
●    Able to function as a member of an interdisciplinary team
●    Able to complete record keeping requirements specified by Abuelos Care Inc. 
●    The Direct Caregiver (DCG) must reside in the same home with the client in CT.
●    Able to handle emergencies and report any changes about the client to the agency 
●    Must be available to take care of the client 24/7 unless the client is receiving care from another previously approved qualified services for example, Adult Day Care or PCA.

If you want to make a career in Abuelos Home Care Services in Connecticut; USA. Fill out the form, and send it via email

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